Dr. Colin Samson

Colin Samson is a sociologist based at the University of Essex. He has worked with the Innu peoples of the Labrador-Quebec peninsula since 1994. His book A Way of Life that Does Not Exist: Canada and the Extinguishment of the Innu (2003) won the Pierre Savard Award. He is also author of A World You Do Not Know: Settler Societies, Indigenous Peoples and the Attack on Cultural Diversity (2013) and with Carlos Gigoux, Indigenous Peoples and Colonialism: A Global Perspective (2017). Colin collaborated with filmmaker Sarah Sandring on the films ‘Nutshimit’ (2010) and ‘Nutak’ (2013) about the recent and historical experiences of the Mushuau Innu. His forthcoming book entitled Colonialism and Universal Human Rights: The Ongoing Hypocrisies of Western Societies examines the connections between colonialism and contemporary human rights violations against indigenous and Afro-descended peoples.